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These pages are devoted to hand reloading of pistol and rifle cartridges. Select the "Round" of interest and go to that page. (Note: Use this data at your own risk. Not responsible for injury or death resulting from any of the data on these pages. Hand reloading uses gunpowders and explosive primers. Wear protective goggles. Some guns are old or faulty and will blow up. I do not show specific gun or bullets. Different lengths of barrel will affect velocities. Different brand bullets of same type and weight will alter pressures and velocities (and performance), as will bullet seating depth and YOU must keep this in mind. Never start at or near a maximum load for just these reasons. H110 and Winchester 296 loads should not be reduced more than 3%. As of 2009 These Hodgdon and Winchester powders are identical, HP38=W231, H110=W296, and H414=W760. Some very light loads in large cases can explode.

These loads are all out of manufacturer's manuals (over 18 years) or tested with less than maximum loads. Some older 1995 manuals show higher amounts of powder than the new 2013 load manuals. That is because powder companies have changed ownership, manufacturer and sometimes formulation and the NEW powders are generally faster. Keep this in mind also. Your gun(s) may NOT handle maximum loads. Most loads shown ARE MAXIMUM loads. There are all kinds of ways you can harm yourself and/or your guns. The author is not responsible for injury and/or death resulting from this data. If in doubt, take a safety course on reloading)

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LINKS to many other shooting related pages Over 300+ Alphabetically.

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COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING: Info, links, club shoots, stages and photos, centering in SouthEast U.S.

LINKS to many other shooting related pages Over 300+ Alphabetically.
MAJOR OTHER RELOADING SITE: STEVE'S PAGES Steve died, but Chris is keeping it going

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