May 5, 1996 – – A full-blown, three stage event. Weather was perfect.

This first picture is from stage 1. You are to pour a jigger of “Red Eye” and replace the cork on the bottle. You are called to the window by the bad guys. You go to the window and tell them to drop their guns. Of course, they don’t! You knock out the ‘glass’ window in the frame and proceed to fire 5 shots from your sixgun (empty chamber below the hammer, remember?) and get them all.

Having fired your pistol, you head over to the OK Corral to grab your rifle and shotgun and continue to kill the bad guys. You are timed on total, plus a 5 second penalty for each target missed.

You retrieve your rifle from your horse and proceed to fire eight shots at the longer distances where more bad guys are lurking. Back to the horse, put up the rifle, get out the shotgun, load two shells and fire to get the last two bad guys.

Stage 2

You begin by firing your pistol at the bad ‘hombres’

Then you go riding on “Splintered Paint”. You load up eight rounds in your empty rifle and proceed to fire from your horse at the other bad guys in front of you.

Then you holster your rifle, get your shotgun, dismount, and fire FOUR rounds into the remaining targets (reloading your double shotgun once). Finally, you fire more rifle shots at the buffalo and turkey from behind the cactus.

Stage 3

Here you are tending the baby in your rocking chair. The bad guys call you from outside the cabin. Oh, you are in trouble now. Black Bart and his gang are preparing to fire. You put the baby in the cradle, out of harms way.

So you begin firing your sixgun out the window after pulling the curtins up out of your way. The bad guys make easy targets since they are so close to the cabin.

You go over to a few bales of hay and get your rifle and fire 8 shots into more bad guys, and finish by going to the other side of the stage, where two more bales of hay are holding up your empty shotgun, which you load and dispatch the final two threats to you and your baby. Hooray! You have saved the child.

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?