Cowboy Action Shooting
August 4, 1996 in Huntsville, Alabama

August 4, 1996 – – Hot August day with humidity in 90% range. Minor shoot. Two stages and one 3 cowboy team event.

It’s too hot, Baby.

Cotaco Bill in his RED “long-johns” was the center of attention in this authentic outfit. And he was “red hot” in more than one way.

Ohms Law reloads ONE round in his six-shooter for that extra bad guy that has to be dispatched on stage 2.

“Lil’ Maverick” is ready to load his double barrel 20 guage for the team event; “Cut the 2×4 in half”. No team did, so the team of three (one pistol of 5 shots, one rifle of 8 shots and one shotgun with 2 shots) with the fastest time to empty all the rounds was the winner of this stage.

Next Month, Labor Day Weekend on September 1 will be the North Alabama Regulators Annual Cowboy Shoot. The Club Picture will be made. Several unique aspects of the shoot will be enabled like the “flying clay pidgeon event” and a remote, digital timer for spectators to read.

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?