Cowboy Action Shooting (Annual Match)
September 1, 1996 in Huntsville, Alabama

September 1, 1996 Annual Match on this Labor Day weekend. FOUR great stages and cowboys from Memphis, Birmingham and Gainesville, GA attended.

Stage 1, The OUT House

Everyone’s out on the range. You have headed to the little house out back with the half-moon on it.
You are “on the throne” with catalog in hand, when Headquarters is attacked.
You have to unlatch and open the outhouse door. Still sitting, you pull your sixgun and fire at 5 badguys.

Then you grab your rifle and shoot two times each at four more badguys off in the distance (standing in the doorway).

Now you must run into the kitchen, grab your shotgun and you remember you have four rounds in that old sack of about 100 empty shells. You have to dump out the sack (on table or ground) and find the four live rounds, grab them and fire at the two final targets, two times each.
[ End of Stage 1 ]

Stage 2, Ropin’, brandin’, shoein’ ‘n cards.

You begin this stage mounted on Splinters. Here Shotgun Hanna prepares to rope a steer. You get 3 tries for a bonus, after that, you dismount and go to next step.

Here Lil’ Maverick takes a toss at the steer. Close, but no ringer.

After you dismount, you grab up that HOT branding iron and make a brand on the hindquarter of the steer you have just roped.

You horse has just thrown a shoe. Is there no end to a cowpoke’s work. Pick up nail, hammer and horse shoe and attach to “foot” of your pony.

Then it’s card playing time. You get 4 cards in mixed order telling you to shoot shotgun or rifle. Here Shotgun Hanna (who won best ladies costume) takes aim with her double barrel 20 guage.

Or you might get 5 shots duelist with left OR right hand. You need two sixguns for this stage, but if you have to reload, it’s only a 20 second maximum addition to your score. Shooting opposite hand duelist is quite difficult. Some cowboys missed all 5 shots this way.

[ End of Stage 2 ]

Stage 3, Jake is in trouble again.

Jake has been captured by the bad guys. He has been handcuffed to a chair in the bar.
As the stage begins, you enter the bar, holding your unloaded shotgun in your hand. Grab the sixgun off the table and clobber the first bad guy in the head. Then you grab the knife and throw it into the badguy behind you. If it sticks in, you get -5 sec. bonus.

Grab the handcuff keys off the table, but wait, you have to run to the window and dispatch 4 badguys with 4 shotgun rounds through the window and curtins.

Boy, those curtins keep getting in the way of your shots.

Now you return to Jake with the keys still in your hand, put your shotgun on the table, unlock Jake (who is unconscious) and hoist Jake on your shoulder.
As you run out, you are in front of another saloon.

You hit two badguys (a pepper popper and a rotating target) and then proceed duelist style (while holding Jake), to hit the 3 badguys in the saloon windows and door.
You finally make it to your horse, throw Jake over the saddle, get your rifle and hit 6 more distant targets with your rifle.

[ End of Stage 3 ]

Stage 4, On the Prairie at night

You are asleep on your blanket when wolves wake you up.

You jump to your feet and get your sixgun to blazing.

Five wolves down, then you get your rifle and sweep 4 targets twice (8 shots).

Finally, you retrieve your shotgun and take 2 shots at targets, reload and you see dinner take flight (clay target launched) and if you get it, you get a -10 second bonus (and Prairie-Chicken dinner to eat).

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?