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North Alabama Regulators/All Cowboys Photo

September 1, 1996 in Huntsville, AL

All the CAS Cowboys at shoot on Labor Day weekend '96
Alabama Regulators + Visitors: Left to Right
Standing Back Row:

San Quinton (Robin Wilson - Gainesville, GA), Lacey V. Wildfire (Vicky Kibler - Gainesville, GA), Wolfbait (Jerry Meyer - Gainesville, GA), Swapper (Clyde Barksdale), Brazos Bill (Bill Martin), Rip Ford (Steve Bruce), Mountain Tom (Randy Nash), Bushwhaker Johnson (Rex Moon), Uncle Jim (Jim Watson), Shotgun Hanna (Sherry Moon), Montana Miles (Miles Kibler - Gainesville), May Lillie (Jean Burgess), Lilí Maverick (Warren Smith), El Paso Roy (LeRoy Gregg), Doc Early (M.D. Smith) Curley Bill (Jim Brocato), Banker Dan (Danny Creasy),

Kneeling Front Row:

Cotaco Bill (Bill Hendrix), The Kid (Keith Baxter), Lonesome Crow (John Crow), (on ground) Cool Waters (Randy Gothart), Hawk Spivey (Mike Miller) Blackhawk (Lee Smith), Montana Ray (Ray Burgess), Shakes McCoy (Scott Wilson)

Not Shown:

Snow Hawk (Ann Brocato), Easy Lee (Lee Albrccht - Memphis), Duel Chambers (Bob Liddell - Memphis), R. C. MacLeod (Dwight Pilkilton - Florence, AL)

Now, I ask you, is this a fun group?

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