At The K.O. Corral, Sloan, Nevada about 12 miles S of Las Vegas.

C/O Brownie

8328 Eddy Stone Ave.

Las Vegas, NV. 89117

Here we see Doc Early and his two Jr. shooters, Lil’ Maverick on left in blue striped shirt and OK Corral on right in all black outfit. You’ll see us in the following 10 stages of “Stampede ’97” which was a great 10-Stage Match put on by the Nevada Rangers of Las Vegas, NV.

“Stampede ’97” Stages

Friday were these events: Plainsman, .22 cal event, Pocket Pistol, Derringer, Long Range Pistol, Long Range Single Shot Rifle, Long Range Lever Rifle (pistol caliber) and Long Range Lever Rifle (rifle caliber).

The TEN Stages on Saturday, 3/8/97 8:30 A.M.

Stage 1 : Doc Peabody’s Office

1 Pistol (5) rds., 1 Shotgun (4) rds., 1 Rifle (6) rds.

You are the Marshal of Sweetcheeks, Nevada. You are kneeling on the operating chair in Doc Peabody’s Office, waiting for a relaxing Roto-Recta-Rootalator treatment, when suddenly you hear a noise at the window. Your weak hand is handcuffed to Doc Peabody’s chair. (Doc don’t want you leaving in the middle of a treatment). You look up and see Tutler’s right-hand man, Big Johnson, standing at the window with a shotgun. You grab your pistol laying on the table, (close by in case Doc Peabody gets carried away). Shoot five rounds through the window at the pistol target. You holster your pistol and unlock (drop) the handcuff. Get up and go to the window. Grab the Shotgun and shoot the two targets twice: Left, Right, Left, Right.

Teeth and Ears cleaned While You Wait!
Psychiatric Treatments by appointment only.

Stage 2 : The Pawn Place

(2) Pistols (5 rds each), (1) Shotgun (4 rds Off Body)

You are a love sick cowboy and decide to go spark with Miss Fire, the pretty little clerk who works the counter at The Pawn Place by day and Smokey’s Saloon by night.
Crossing the street to The Pawn Place, you spot the Do Little Gang (former Rangers who never did help load trailers or set up targets) sneaking around the back with guns drawn, getting ready to rob the place.

You go thru the front door as two of the gang are coming thru the window on the left. Take em out with your scatter-can’t-miss-gun. They planned this job good, two more of the gang are coming thru the window on the right. Move to the other end of the counter, reload your scatter gun and take them out.

The last five gangsters are about to come thru the back door. Move to the teller on the left, set down your empty shotgun and draw your pistol, shoot five in any order. Oh-No, you keep glancing over to Miss Fire as she slowly runs her tongue over her moist ruby red lips. Now those last five outlaws are real close to the door and there is no time to reload. Fortunately, Miss Fire is wearing a gun but she is frozen with terror. Holster your empty gun.

You move to where Miss Fire is, and pull her gun from her holster. This time, cowboy, you better concentrate on the five outlaws. Shoot them in any order and you better get ’em. Part of their plan is to carry off Miss Fire and force her to slave over a hot stove. Seems they had Prospector cooking their grub before they threw his sorry butt out the door.

Stage 3 : Fort Huachuca (Wha-Chew-Kah)

1 Pistol (5) rds., 1 Shotgun (3) rds from body, 1 Rifle loaded with (6) rds.

Chased by skally-wags of the meanest nature, you arrive at Fort Wah-Chew-Kah to find it under hostile attack with no survivors.

You quickly mount a plan to multiply yourself and give the hostiles the thought that the re-enforcements have arrived….

Racing for time, you put your shotgun at the gate, and running up to the cross-port you place your pistol there. Best put the rifle in the tower, load plenty of ammo. With all this shooting from different positions, those skally-wags will think the fort is full of guns.

You’re ready for action so you take the shotgun and lay away the two that creeped up close. Racing to the cross-port, you lay away five more. You head for the tower where you pick up your rifle and give them hell. After you lay them away, you move to the shotgun and eliminate your last skally-wag. Good show.

Stage 4 : “Twisting The Tigers Tail”

2 Pistols (10) rds., 1 Shotgun empty and (6) or more rds. in cigar ammo box.

You just got paid and you can’t wait to “buck the tiger” down at SMOKEY’S Saloon and Gamblin’ Hall. You’re aching to get even tonight so you bring both of your six shooters and a shotgun just in case you need them.

Prospector and Fargo are enjoying the game. Hanna Oakley is the “gut-puller” and cimarron is the hearse driver. You say to yourself, “they think I think this is a square deal, but I know it’s really a brace game. I’ll show them tonight!”

You bet $50.00 and promptly lose it. You quickly bet another $50.00 and this time you win, but Hanna Oakley only pays you $25.00. You begin to protest and Cimarron calls you a picker. Fargo says, “the house limit’s $25.00!” You stammer and say, “but she took my $50.00 when I lost”, to which Hanna Oakley laughs “Fifty goes when you lose.”

You pick up your shotgun as Fargo and the Prospector run out the back door. Fargo grabs your stack of chips on the way. When you get to the back door, you see Fargo and the Prospector standing there with a small army of town drinks. “Darn it all”, you say to yourself. You want your chips back and you’re ready to fight, even if there is eleven of them! Suddenly, you remember your shotgun ammo is in the cigar ammo box, so you grab your shotgun and cigar ammo box and head for the back door. You’re committed, so you go “into action.” After you shoot your first five (5) rounds with pistol #1, you holster it and grab your shotgun. You shoot 2 red, then 2 white and finally 2 blue targets. You lean your shotgun against the building, and finish off the last five targets with your other pistol, in any order.

Stage 5 : U.S. Marshal – Buck Sweet’s Outhouse, 1875

1 Pistol (5) rds., 1 Rifle (6) rds., 1 Shotgun (4) rds.

The Marshal’s out-house is a famous place in Welcome, Arizona. The rumor has it that it’s the best out-house in the whole damn town and he prefers no one else use it. It boasts a four pane window, a can filled with fresh corn cobs in case the mail-order book runs out of pages anda nice size half-moon cut in the wall oposite the seat for spittin’ tobacco. It also has a few bullet holes provided by Billy the Kid and some arrows from some renegade indians. Now tell me, what else could you ask for except, maybe, a pot bellied stove to keep your buns warm on cold days.

One day while Marshal was was relaxing in his famous out-house, the Three God Fathers gang robbed the town bank. Cutting short his reading time, he gathered up a posse and lit out after ’em.

Well, now’s your chance. With Marshal Sweet out chasing the Three God Fathers gang, you can use the famous out-house. You no sooner get your gunbelt hung on the wall and all settled down when a gang of banditos start shooting up the town of Welcome, and Marshal Sweet’s out house.

At beep, draw your pistol from holster and shoot five targets in any order through outhouse window in front of you. Stand up, holster your pistol on body and move out of the outhouse and around to the hitchin’ post. Pick up shotgun, load 2 rds. and shoot two knockdown targets. Load two more and shoot two swinging targets. Go to straw bale with shotgun, put it down and pick up rifle and shoot front rifle targets left to right and rear rifle targets right to left.

Stage 6 : JAIL

1 Pistol (5) rds. loaded in box, 1 Shotgun (2) rds., 1 Rifle (6) rds.

As the most noted card cheat in the territory, Ace, you really went ‘n did it this time. Because of all the times you were caught cheating at poker and had to leave the saloon in a hurry, you had a severe accumulation of lead impacted in and around a portion of the anatomy of which old Doc is a specialist.

You went to Doc for a rootalator treatment, but his auger broke due to all the lead in your arse. Now the town is in a uproar because Doc has to use some of Prospector’s dynamite while he waits for the blacksmith to make a new carbide steel auger. In the meantime, Sheriff Kerry Jeller has put you in protective custody.

Here’s the problem: seems that a group of townsfolk who have never enjoyed the ecstasy?? of Doc’s procedure are not headed your way with blood in their eyes and a rope in their hands. You do have a chance. Somebody who did have a treatment from Doc slipped a shootin’ iron thru the window bars to help you get away from the lynch mob.

Slow down the mob with four shots from your cell and shoot the door lock off with the fifth round. (Clay target in Jail door) You holster the empty pistol and head out of jail, only to encounter one of them thar town folks in your way. You knock him down and take his shotgun and blast two of the mob that are real close. Put the shotgun back where you found it, and you’re ready to take off when you encounter another of them hee-row townspersons. Knock this guy over and take his rifle. You take out six more of those yahoos and then you head out of town, but remember, you still ain’t got the lead out.

Stage 7 : Mr. Bill’s Aces and Eights

2 Pistols (5) rds. each, 1 Shotgun (4) rds., 1 Rifle (4) rds.

You just got paid for the cattle drive and the $100 is burning a hole in your pocket. You finally reach Whiskey Row. You’ve been all the way to the end and ’bout half-way back when a bunch of the local bad boys set you up to get what you’ve got left. You’ve been playing draw poker for awhile when you notice in the mirror behind the dealer that someone behind you seems to have a nervous twitch. He is constantly making queer hand motions every time you are dealt cards. After watching for awhile and studying the play at the table you finally get it figgered out. This booger behind you is telling the dealer what you have in your hand.

You are holding Aces and Eights full when this light dawns on you. And to make matters worse, you notice the tip of a card sticking out of the dealers sleeve. When you call him on it, the table seems to explode.

Everyone at the table draws a gun but you’re not as drunk as you seem. You put all four of them out of commission. You turn the next card on the deck – – it’s the same suit the dealer had up his sleeve, so you plug him again for good measure.

Five other locals decide to try for your money, so you do a repeat act and prove the first demonstration wasn’t luck. But right now you decide it’s getting too hot for you so you start looking for a way out. It would be easier if it was darker so you proceed to shoot out all the light with your scattergun. You take out the ones on your left, then those on the right. Next thing you know, you are on your horse with four more hoodlums taking shots as you. You manage to get them with your rifle while on a wild gallop down the street. (You mount the horse and take rifle from scabbard)

Stage 8 : Cactus Concha’s Clothing

1 Pistol (4) rds., 1 Shotgun (4) rds., 1 Rifle (1 or more rds.) must hit.

The Pansy Gang, a cantankerous collection of cross-dressers, ride into Sweetcheeks, Nevada to steal Cactus Concha’s finest gowns. BAD IDEA, she and Hanna Oakley both have PMS.

You’re setting at your new-fangled treadle sewing machine mending a dress in your lap. Calico Phil, the head pansy, sashays in, pulls a knife, and demands that you fit him for an evening gown. You grab a handy knitting needle and stick it in his head (styrofoam dummy’s head) to show your displeasure as this idea. Spying two more of the gang creeping up to the window, you take your pistol from the sewing machine drawer and quickly dispatch them, with two shots each.

Replacing the pistol, you head for the door with your shotgun to finish the SOB’s. Two more of the gang fall, each hit twice. The last one’s too far away for the shotgun, so you take up your empty rifle, load one round and blast away till he goes down.

Stage 9 : Hick’s Place

1 Pistol (5) rds., 1 Shotgun (6) rds., 1 Rifle (4) rds.

Having been on the trail for the last four months, you just got paid and decided you need a new horse. After dealing with Chisler, who can talk the hide off a cow, you head over to Hick’s Place for some horse protection. You know this is going to be an ordeal because Hick could talk a pump into believing it’s a windmill. Last time you had to deal with this ole skinner, you had to keep yore hands in yore pockets just to make certain you put ya pants on that morning.

Entering Hick’s place, you’re greeted with a slap on the back and offered a cigar, but before ya lite up, ya look out the window and see some no-goods gathering. Looks like a read on The Pawn Place, so ya draws your handy pistol. Breaking out Hick’s window, you lay away five of them thar varmints.

Realizing the new school marm may be in trouble, you head over her way. You enter the school and the school marm hands you a rifle. You open the shooting port on the school door and take care of four of the skallywags. As you leave the school, you get six of them along the fence line, with your scatter gun. That new school marm sure looks good, you think about marriage and settling down, but you head over to Smokey’s and have a beer.

Stage 10 : Dead Eye Doug’s Cantina

2 Pistols (5) rds. each, 1 Shotgun (4) rds. from body

You walk thru the barroom door, stepping up to the bar where Miss Mac the hostess has a drink waiting for you. As you are about to have your first coldone, you spot “Slick Willie”, the corrupt Eastern Carpetbagger. He and his partner have been fleecing the town.

You’ve had enough!! Slamming the beer mug down HARD on the table, you yell “DANCE VARMINTS!”

With two pistols loaded with (5) rounds each, laying on the bar, you pick up the first pistol and start making them dance. (Hit targets left, right, left, right, left) You then pick up your second pistol and keep them dancing (right, left, right, left, right)

As the cowards turn tail and run, you pick up your shotgun, laying on the bar, and buttshoot the Bozos with 4 rounds.

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?