Friday Night, November 8, 1996

Lots of Pards came from out of town and took advantage of the Briarfield Picnic and Camping Area facilities with everything from Tents to Campers and Motor Homes. While the temperature was in the forties with a slight North wind, the campfires warmed things up nicely.

The group of Cowboys from Huntsville (The North Alabama Regulators) had a fine campfire and picnic dinner with hot Cornbread and Beef Stew cooked over charcoal. It was delicious. Montana Ray and May Lillie headed up the chuck-wagon patrol.

After Dinner, it was time for the “talent” show. What it turned out to be was a “Do Your Own Thing” show by one and all. It was scheduled to be in the open theatre area, but the cold weather urged commandeering the old historic church on the grounds. It was heated and perfect. Built originally in 1888 and moved to Briarfield in the late 1980’s and restored in the early nineties, it was perfect atmosphere, right down to the old, coal fired stove and heater. However, heat was provided by the electric heat pump under the foundation (a modern concession).

The show was fun and entertaining. Singing and pickin’ and rope twirlin’ and you name it. All this was before the main events even started.

“Dixie Shootout” Stages for November 9/10, 1996

The FIVE Stages on Saturday, 11/9/96

Stage 1 : “My Ivory Handled Pistols Breathe Lightning Death”

by Ace High

10 Pistol (2 guns), 6 Rifle, 4 Shotgun rounds.
Ace High, looking for an honest game of chance, enters the Oriental Saloon in Tombstone. It’s well known that a number of the games are crooked and that Johnny Tyler, who runs the Gambling Parlor, uses a well seasoned group of gunmen to enforce the fact that the house rarely loses.

To even the odds at craps, Ace High has been able to put his own honest dice in the game. Ace places his rifle and shotgun in the room where he has observed Johnny’s gunman. Ace also places one of his pistols on the bar.

At the sound of the buzzer, shooter throws dice until he throws a 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12. A 7 or 11 is a 5 second bonus. A 2, 3, or a 12 is a 5 second penalty. After throwing one of the 5 numbers, he must yell, “My Ivory Handled Pistols Breathe Lightning Death”, before picking up his pistol off the bar. [10 second penalty if not yelled].

Shooter then shoots the 10 position gamblers target with bar pistol (5 rounds), lay pistol back on the bar and draw holstered pistol and dispatch the last 5 targets, and reholster empty pistol.

Go to left side of bar, take rifle and shoot 6 rounds, 5 at plate target, 1 at dinger, leave action open, set rifle back in rack. Go to right side of bar, take shotgun and shoot last 4 bad guys.

Stage 2 : Indian Attack At Fort Riley
by Latigo Larry

5 Pistol, 8 Rifle, 4 Shotgun rounds.

It’s dawn on your watch at the Lonely Kansas Fort. Off in the distance you see a cloud of dust rising in the west. As you look through your spyglass you realize by the warpaint and feathers that it is a band of hostiles making a desperate run on the fort. You immediately yell, “Indian Attack” [10 second penalty if not yelled].

Realizing that there is only a skeleton crew on duty because most of the troopers are out on patrol, you rush to the cannon and fire a round to discourage the band. Undaunted, the Indians keep coming so you pick up your rifle and shoot as many as you can ( 8 rounds) 5 rounds at 5 plate targets, 3 rounds at the single dinger.
From the next port, as the remaining redskins get even closer, you draw your revolver and shoot 5 rounds and drop 5 more Indians. Finally, in a last ditch effort you grab a shotgun and dispatch the last four Indians – to save the fort.

Stage 3 : “If I Could Only Catch The Stage”
by Major Dundee

5 Pistol, 6 Rifle, 4 Shotgun rounds.

You are Marshall Two-Bellies and you are asleep in bed at the Four Flusher Boarding House. You have to catch the Dundee Express at 6:00 AM. Having overslept and hearing the stage pull into town, you jump out of bed, and put on your hat. Having slept with your gunbelt on, you grab your revolver off the night stand and putting it in your holster, you run out the door. As you run out the door you holler “Hold That Stage!” (Ten second penalty if you don’t)

Just as you get to the stage the Frisky Polecat Gang rides into town. Grabbing your pistol, you shoot 5 of them through the REAR stage window. Holstering your pistol you grab your rifle and shoot 6 more from the FRONT stage window.
Putting rifle down, action open, you grab the shotgun guard’s shotgun out of the boot and shoot the last 4 bad guys, shooting over the horses.

Stage 4 : The Baby And The Bandits
by North Alabama Regulators

6 Pistol (5 plus 1), 8 Rifle, 4 Shotgun rounds.

The wife has gone to town and the cowboy is having to tend the baby. While sitting in the rocking chair rocking the baby to sleep, you hears a suspicious noise outside the cabin. The cowboy gets up from the rocker, gently puts the baby in the cradle and looks through the window. To his dismay, he sees a gang of bad hombres approaching the cabin with their pistols drawn.

The cowboy says to the baby, “Don’t ya worry, li’l darlin’, I’ll take care of yer”, then the cowboy shouts through the window, “Stop, or I’ll Shoot”. But the desperadoes begin to shoot at the cabin. The cowboy grabs his shotgun, loads and shoots two. He quickly unloads, reloads and shoots two more. As the remaining villians get nearer to the house, he draws his six shooter and shoots five of the bad guys. He then holsters his gun, quickly picks up his rifle and tries to pick off the remaining bad guys as they run a fast retreat.

Thinking that the danger is over, he puts down his rifle when he notices the leader of the gang, who is lying on the ground with a bullet in his chest, reaching for his gun. The cowboy quickly draws his six shooter, loads one more bullet, and takes out the last villian. All shooting takes place through the window.

Stage 5 : The Cook Is Fried
by Doc Adams

10 Pistol (2 guns), 6 Rifle, 4 Shotgun rounds.

You and your pards have been invited to stay the night with a cow herd on the Chisem trail. the cook has told you they have a chicken that travels with the herd and has a nest under the wagon, and has promised eggs for breakfast.

You have noticed that the cows seem to have different brands, and that the cow punchers seem a little nervous. When you go to your blanket that night, you put your two revolvers on the hay bale above your head, so you can get to them quick if you have to.

At daybreak you hear the cook rattling around so you get up, holster your revolvers and go get your egg for breakfast [plastic easter egg]. The egg is in a basket under the wagon. Then you see your pards are being held hostage by the cowboys and that the cook is coming after you. You shoot the cowboys first, (do not hit your pards next to each of them) with one pistol, holster, then draw your second pistol and shoot the cook, 5 times.

You see 4 more cowboys coming so you run and grap the cook’s shotgun and shoot em daid.
You see 6 more cowboys hiding behind a cactus, so you run and pick up a rifle left by one of your pards and dispense with the last 6 cowboys. You must keep your egg on your person at all times. If you drop it, it is a 10 second penalty. After all the shootin’, you crack open your egg. You will have a 5 sec. bonus slip, a 5 sec. penalty slip, or if you’re lucky, a $5.00 bill.

Posse Team Event: The Way Station Shoot-Out
by Major Dundee

Nine posse member per team
6 rounds in rifles [one rifle has only 1 round in magazine], 5 rounds in pistols, 4 rounds for shotguns.
The Dundee Express stage pulls into the way-out no where way station to meet your posse. Suddenly you are attacked by the Dangling Scalps Indian Raiding party.

You will have (4) posse members on horses and (4) around the coach. Coach has one rifle shooter at driver’s boot, one pistol shooter in front window, one rifle shooter at door and one pistol shooter at rear window. The first two horses will have a rifle shooter and shotgun shooter. The last two horses will have a shotgun shooter closest to the stage, and a rifle shooter on the last horse. The posse leader will decide who shoots what and where.

At the sound of the buzzer all shooters except the rifle shooter on the last horse, will open fire on their respective targets. After all rounds are shot, posse leader will holler at last rifle shooter to fire at his dinger which will have an exploding target. He will have one round in rifle magazine. At the command to fire he will lever in the round and shoot the target. If he misses, he must load another round and try again until he has shot 3 rounds. If shooter does not explode target after 3 rounds, it will be counted as a miss along with any other shooters misses.


50 Yard Pistol

(Any SASS legal handgun you would normally use) This match is simple. There is a dinger at 50 yards. With five rounds, hit the dinger as many times as you can. Timer is running.

Picture is of entire range area, buildings, etc.

Derringer Match

“The Dirty Deal Derringer Duel”

Down at the longbranch, you’re dealing a little five card stud with your regular card buddies and a couple of drunken trail hands, when unbeknownst to you, Slick Dick slips a 5th ace into the deck when he cuts the cards in an effort to discredit you as an honest gambler. Your loaded Derringer rests under your hat as it always does on the card table. You also have a sheath knife hidden on your person. You begin to deal out the cards (for the sake of time all number cards have been removed from the deck), when suddenly the 5th ace hits the table. The two drunk trail hands pull iron as does Slick Dick hoping to take advantage of the odds. Knowing that your Derringer has but two shots, you pull your knife and stick Slick Dick in the soft underbelly region. After sticking Dick, you pull your Derringer from under your hat, and blast the two trail hands. You must hit pie plate to be counted as a hit.
When Slick Dick is examined posthumously, a deck of cards missing one ace is found in his shirt pocket, and your reputation and good name is preserved.

Long Range Rifle Single Shot

Rifle Caliber Only

You will have one (1) spotter shot and five (5) for record. You may omit the spotter shot if you want but must tell the record keeper in advance. We have no idea what the distance of the target is so have fun. The target is a Buffalo with a swinging plate. A hit is counted only if the swinging plate swings. If the plate does not swing it is not a hit. See the SASS rule book about legal rifles and ammunition. H&R Handy rifles will be allowed as long as they have open iron sights, (no peep sights, no tang sights are allowed on handy rifles since they have no place to put them).

Long Range Rifle Lever Action

Rifle Caliber Only

You will have one (1) spotter shot and five (5) for record. You may omit the spotter shot if you want but you must tell the record keeper in advance. Same rules as above.

Long Range Rifle Lever Action

Pistol Caliber Only

You will have one (1) spotter shot and five (5) for record. You may omit the spotter shot if you want but you must tell the record keeper in advance. Same rules as above.

Top Cowboy Single Elimination Shoot Off

Trophy Prize

1. Must use Traditional style revolver (no adjustable sights)
2. Must shoot ONE HANDED (women or others with small hands may use the off hand to cock the revolver but MUST shoot the gun one handed).

Two sets of the same targets will be set up. Two shooters will shoot at the same time. Timers will be used and the quickest time (taking into account misses, etc.) will be the winner. The winner advances to the next round and the loser is finished shooting for the day.

The Plainsman by Latigo Larry & Cheyenne

“Simple As Gulping Greasy Guts”

Throw tomahawk – Povided
Throw kinfe – Provided
5 round cap and ball revolver – must use own
1 round muzzle loading rifle – Provided

Competitors may use their own hawk, kinfe and rifle if desired.

Choo Choo Extermination
by Major Dundee

Engineer Kasey Whistleblower is sitting on the fireman’s side of the engine with little to do because his greasy fireman, Tumbling Tumbleweeds is at the throttle.

Seeing a colony of prairie dogs he grabs his trusty shotgun and tries to shoot (6) of ’em. Seeing the 7th one trying to get away, he draws his revolver, but to his dismay it is unloaded. He loads (1) round to shoot the last prairie dog.

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?