Silver City Shooters Society

4132 S.Rainbow #262
Las Vegas,NV 89103
702-733-2942 fax

Beatty, Nevada
“Western Cup” Stages for September 27-29, 1996

Lil’ Maverick (Warren age 12) and I (Doc Early) went to the Silver City Shooters Society shoot in Beatty, NV on Sept. 27-29, 1996 and had a great time. This was a MAJOR 10 stage event with specialty matches on Friday, Main 10 stages on Saturday, and Team matches on Sunday.

Friday were these events: Plainsman, .22 cal event, Pocket Pistol, Derringer, Long Range Pistol, Long Range Single Shot Rifle, Long Range Lever Rifle (pistol caliber) and Long Range Lever Rifle (rifle caliber). The only Rifle calibers I saw used were 45-70 and 30-30 with lead bullets.

The TEN Stages on Saturday, 9/28/96

10 Pistol (2 guns), 7 Rifle rounds.

First pistol at ready. Second pistol in holster on body. Rifle sitting on barrel, loaded with six (6) rounds.

On new outhouse seat, pistol at ready. At beep, shoot five (5) pistol targets in any order while seated. Stand up, holster pistol, draw second pistol and shoot same five (5) pistol targets in any order. Holster pistol, move to barrel and kneel, with rifle, sweep two front rifle targets six (6) shots. Load rifle with ONE round. Must hit center STOP target for score to end. Reload one round at a time, until hit.

Stage 2 : Kentucky Windage

10 Pistol (2 guns), 4 Rifle + 1

First pistol at ready, second pistol in holster on body. Rifle leaning at doorway loaded with 4 rounds.
Shooter at position (1) Pistol ready. At beep, shoot 5 pistol targets in order 1-5. Holster pistol and move to position (2). Draws second pistol and shoots 5 pistol targets in order 5-1. Holster pistol, move to doorway and pick up rifle. Double tap rear targets left to right. Reload rifle (1) round and must hit small front target. Reload one round at a time only, and shoot until target is hit.

Stage 3 : Jail Break

10 Pistol (2 guns), 8 Rifle, 3 Shotgun

First pistol on table. Second pistol in holster, hanging from jail cell. Rifle leaning at corral fence loaded with 8 rounds. Shotgun leaning at corral empty. Load from body.

Shooter is handcuffed to jail bars. At beep, shooter picks up pistol from table, and shoots (5) pistol targets in any order. Shooter puts pistol down on table, unhandcuffs himself. Shooter moves to pistol in holster hanging from jail cell. Shoots (5) pistol targets any order. Put pistol back in holster on jail cell. Shooter then moves to corral and shoots (3) shotgun targets in any order. (Reload once). With rifle, double tap (4) rifle targets in any order.

Stage 4 : Unforgiven

7 Rifle, 6 Pistol (5) loaded, 2 Shotgun

Rifle at ready. Pistol loaded (5) rounds in holster on body. Shotgun laying on mat empty. (1) pistol round on body for reload.

Rifle at ready. At beep, shoot rifle target (Clint) (7) times. Lay rifle on mat, draw pistol and shoot following order, Saloon Keeper, Ramon, Three Banditos. Drop to kneeling position (one or two knees) reload pistol with ONE round from body and shoot Ramon again. Holster pistol. Pick up shotgun, stand up and shoot (2) shotgun targets.

Stage 5 : Fort Wha-Chew-Kah

3 Shotgun, 10 Pistol (2 guns), 6 Rifle

This was a huge stage. The fort had a number of levels, very authentically constructed. This was the center piece for all 10 stages. It certainly had the most pictures taken of it.

2 Pistols loaded (5) rounds each on table at cross-port. Rifle loaded (6) rounds in tower. Shotgun leaning against fort; it’s open.

Standing with hands free. At beep, pick up shotgun. From body, load and shoot (2) shotgun targets in any order. Put shotgun down against fort and move to cross-port. Shoot first (5) pistol targets right to left. Move to Tower and shoot (6) rifle targets alternating any order. Put rifle down, move to cross-port again and shoot (5) pistol targets in any order. Move to shotgun, pick up and load (1) round from body and shoot last shotgun target.

Stage 6 : Honest John’s Casino

5 Pistol, 3 Shotgun, 6 Rifle

Place your pistol, rifle and shotgun on any color of your choice on the dice table. Dice laying on table, hands at side. At beep, pick up dice and throw to back of table (must hit back of table). The color that the dice lands in the “up” position is the fun that you shoot first. After shooting the first gun of the color showing up on the dice, the second and third gun is your choice. Pistol targets any order. Shotgun are knock down in any order. Rifle sweeping (left to right).

Stage 7 : Hick’s Protection Insurance

5 Pistol, 3 Shotgun, 8 Rifle

This is a picture of Doc Peabody’s Posse. (He is on Left posing with wife, Hanna Oakley) We are in front of stage 7.
Pistol at ready, shotgun leaning on fence, empty. Rifle leaning on door on right loaded with 8 rounds.

Pistol at ready. At beep, break out window and shoot (5) pistol targets in any order. Holster pistol. Pick up shotgun and load one (1) round at a time. Shot one round at position 2, position 3 and position 4. Lean shotgun on fence. Move to right door, open window and shoot two rifle targets sweeping left to right.

Stage 8 : Slick Willie’s

10 Pistol (2 guns), 3 Shotgun

Pistol and shotgun on bar. Pistols loaded (5) rounds each. Shotgun empty.

First pistol at ready. At beep, shoot (5) pistol targets left to right. Lay pistol down. Pick up mug and slam mug on bar. Pick up second pistol and shoot (5) pistol targets right to left. Lay pistol down and pick up shotgun and shoot each shotgun target (reloading once). (sorry, no photo)

Stage 9 : Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

10 Pistol (2 guns), 6 Shotgun

2 pistols loaded (5) rounds. One on right and one of left of bar counter. Shotgun empty on left side of bar counter.

Standing outside bar with hands at side. At beep, move through doors to position (1), pick up shotgun and shoot two shotgun targets. Reload 1 round in shotgun and yell “PULL” and shoot bird (clay bird). Put shotgun down. With right hand, pick up pistol and shoot five pistol targets left to right, using right hand. Put pistol down. Pick up shotgun, move to position (2), load shotgun, shoot two shotgun targets. Put shotgun on bar. Pick up next pistol with left hand and shoot five pistol targets using left hand. (sorry, no photo)

Stage 10 : Jokers Wild

10 Pistol (2 guns), 8 Rifle, 4 Shotgun

2 pistols on table loaded with (5) round. Shotgun on table empty. Shotgun rounds on body. Rifle in scabbard on horse loaded with 8 rounds.

With cards in hand, at beep, put cards down and shoot (4) pistol targets, turn card over from top of deck and shoot last pistol round on suit drawn. If you draw a joker, shoot any suit target you wish. Put pistol down and pick up second pistol. Shoot (4) targets, turn card over and shoot last pistol on suit. Put pistol down. Pick up shotgun and shoot (4) shotgun targets left to right. Put shotgun on table and move to horse. Draw rifle from scabbard and shoot rifle targets left side top/bottom, right side top/bottom, left side side top/bottom, right side top/bottom.

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?