The NEW (4-1-2001) CAVERN COVE Site

From Huntsville, Take Highway 72 EAST (towards Scottsboro). About 10-15 miles out of town (between 122 and 123 mile markers) , you will be approaching the turn-off to WOODVILLE. Just PAST the sign for the turnoff to Woodville, TURN RIGHT (South) on Jackson County Road 63 toward GRANT. Go three (3) miles and TURN LEFT on OLD CATHEDRAL CAVERNS ROAD now called “CAVERN COVE ROAD”. The NEW Opening to the Caverns is just a little bit further ahead and 4 lane (DON’T take this road). Down Cavern Cove road you will see a small low-sided concrete bridge followed by a dirt road on the left and a red bricked house on the right (Chicken Farm). Turn LEFT onto the dirt road and follow it into the field where we will be shooting (about a quarter of a mile). You will see the metal meeting and eating building first, then you will see the “cowboy town” out in the pasture.

Maps to NEW site as of April 1, 2001. Click to enlarge map. Print page if you wish.

Cowboy Action Shooting is normally on First Sunday of each month. Call for exact times and info. Currently 2007, registration is at 8:00 am and shooting starts at 9:00 am and usually lasts 4-5 hours.

If arriving via I-65, take I-565 to Huntsville and this road dumps into Highway 72 East. Follow above details to shoot.