Cowboy Action Shooting
June 2, 1996 in Huntsville, Alabama

Lastest shoot of June 2, 1996 Cowboy Shooting” and MY first participation as “Doc Early”(SASS #9291), the “DOC” whose “cures, need no refills!”

Here is DOC EARLY (me) at home preparing to leave for a “business meeting.” In the summer black pants, high boots, suspenders inside a long shirt and black leather vest can get on the hot side. Even the big black hat, while providing shade, can heat up the brain. Now think of riding a horse and roping cattle in all this outfit.

I have a number of targets to “plug” with my sixgun, and I don’t miss a single one.
This is the 7 1/2″ bbl New Dakota revolver that I normally shoot. I look forward to using my new 4 5/8″ bbl Silver Ruger Vaquero with the ivory grips at the next match.

While another “cowpoke” times the shots, I rapidly plug all the distant “bad guys” with the .45 Colt Carbine rifle. The fps of the carbine is several hundred fps better than the revolver. It runs about 946 fps with 8.5 grains of Unique (250 gr. RNFP bullet) , the “light cowboy load”, but I have some real power-houses for “serious work.” Check out my reloading pages for .45 Colt.

Here the shots are timed as May Lillie plugs varmints with her six-shooter. After dealing out 4 aces off the top of the deck, she has to shoot the “suits” in order of the cards. Each metal target is marked with a Spade, Heart, Diamond or Club. Notice the impressive “pig-sticker” on her side. The fifth shot is a side-shot target (a bartender who has just picked up his shotgun to finish you off).

Curly Bill with his left handed, pearl grip .45 holds the timer. Nice outfit complete with spurs.

Don’t know this cowpoke now (but will put his name up in the very near future). This is a really nice gunbelt and cross-draw holster. Pretty nice “peace-keeper” too.

Here was one shooter’s view as “posse” #1 competed against #2 to see which group could cut down a 2×6 with gunfire. It took a LONG time and a LOT of ammo for both groups to cut it down. It was concluded that a 2×4 might be better in the future. A shotgun blast to the top of the “splintered” board finished it off.

Light rain kept all the cowboys under the shed most of the time, but it didn’t hurt the shootin’ none a bit, pardner!

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?