Cowboy Action Shooting
July 14, 1996 in Huntsville, Alabama

July 14, 1996 Cowboy Action Shooting and First participation of my son, Warren (12) as “Lil’ Maverick (SASS 10017)- Slow temper and quick trigger.”

Stage 1, Tom Dooley Must Not Hang

Here is Lil’ Maverick preparing for Stage 1. Begin with shotgun to save your friend, Tom Dooly (who must not hang).

You must cut the rope in half with 2 shotgun blasts or run up and cut the rope with a knife to save Tom Dooley from hangman’s rope.

Having successfully blasted Tom down, you must run up, take the noose off his neck and hoist Tom on your shoulder. He must not fall to the ground.

Now moving towards your horse, you plug a knock-down target that turns a paper plate target towards you for 5 seconds. You have to shoot quick before it turns away.

Now you find yourself in front of the Saloon and three badguys trying to stop you. Use the last 3 shots in your sixgun to finish them off.

You arrive at your horse and throw Tom on the saddle. Retrieve your rifle for the five badguys at the end of town.

These are long shots, but “Lil’ Maverick” gets ’em all.
[ End of Stage 1 ]

Stage 2, The Posse Comes To Town

You are one of the Posse who has just ridden into town. At the buzzer, you dismount your horse, tie him to the hitching post and immediately are confronted by FOUR badguys.

Three you get with one shot, but the last one who is further away, takes two shots. May Lillie shows how it is done. She gets them all.

As was the case in the old west, you immediately reload your sixgun with 5 more rounds. Here I am (Doc Early) putting the .45’s into my trusty hogleg.

You remove your empty shotgun from the saddle and run around “Splinters”. You notice fresh droppings behind him (see later picture) which you must not step in or it will result in a 10 second penalty. (One cowpoke said doing that was penalty enough) Then you arrive at the livery. Take cover behind a water barrel, load two shotgun rounds and fire. Load two more and fire, hitting the 4 swinging targets. Empty Shotgun and take back to splinters. Put it in the right side holder.

Back around Splinters, untie bridle, back in the saddle and you see FOUR distant badguys. You take your rifle (loaded with 8 rounds) and take out the four with two shots each, shooting around some closer in targets. Put your rifle back up. (notice dropings behind Splinters?)

You reloaded, and that’s good, because now here are more badguys. You put two rounds each into the two closest targets and with your last round IF you can hit one of the rifle targets, you get a -10 second bonus. [End of Stage 2 ]

Now, I ask you, is this fun or is this FUN?