The RCBS Single Stage Press

Although laying on its side, in normal use it would be bolted upright to a table or bench. It has the primer foot installed and during use, you would see the tube full or primers installed. This press is all you need to get started. You do have to change reloading dies between each step, but this only takes a minute. Some presses have the option to have all the dies installed at the same time and you can do every step of reloading without changing dies at all. It just depends on what you feel you needs are. For just a few cartridges, it would be easier not to change dies. I usually reload about 200 at a time. I resize all 200 first, then change dies, and reprime them all, fill with powder and finally seat the bullet. The time spent changing dies is of little consequence.

In this closer view, you can see the die installed in the top of the press. You do have to buy a proper size “shell holder”, which is the little insert on the piston that holds the bottom of the case in place, and different cartridges require different sizes. Some will work for others. For example, the .45 ACP is the same shell holder as the 30-06 cartridge.

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Lee’s Progressive Reloading Press

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Close of Dillon 650 (about $350) Progressive Reloading Press

Close of Dillon 650

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