1. Case Length Guage

You certainly want your cases to all be the right length. This is especially important with the high power rifle cases. During firing of heavy loads, it is common for the case to be stretched a little bit. You can check to see if this has happened to your cases, and if it has, you need a case trimmer to bring them back into specs

2. Powder Trickler

This little accessory let’s you “trickle” little bits of powder into your scales to exactly measure the charge you want. For precision shooting, you might want exactly 48.5 grains of a powder. Well, set your powder measure to 48 grains, and bulk dump that into the dish on the scales. Then, with the trickler, you turn the knob and trickle in just the amount you need to exactly balance the scales at 48.5 grains. Now you have an exact load and can duplicate it for every round.

3. Make Your Own Lead Bullets

This is all you need to make your own bullets. Something to melt the lead mixture, a ladle to fill the mould, and handles for the mould of the bullet of your choice. (See other section on making your own bullets for complete information)

4. Bullet Sizer and Lubricator

This is also described in another section, but an important tool if you make your own. It will size the lead bullet to exact caliber and put a lubricant in the ring(s) of the bullet to prevent leading of the barrel.

Discussion: There are many other accessories, almost too numerous to mention. See any good gun catalog if you want to see what is available. Things like automatic brass case cleaners are pretty slick. You just dump in a quantity of dirty brass and out it comes as clean as new a few hours later. Bullet boxes and labels can make your ammo have that professional look.