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Reloading The .32 H&R Magnum

The .32 H&R Magnum
The .32 H&R Magnum
The .32 H&R Magnum

(show above is .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, .327 Federal Magnum)
(bullets: 100 gr plated, 100 gr RNFP, 115 gr RNFP & 113 gr CPB with Gas Check, Berry’s HBWC 83gr(copper plated)

Loads for the .32 H&R Magnum:
(Note: Most ARE MAXIMUM loads, you may want to use 10% less to start.)
(See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.)
You can shoot the .32 S&W and the .32 S&W Long in the .32 H&R Magnum since all are shorter cartridges than the .32 H&R mag. but the same bullet diameter. The .32 H&R case is quite strong and some shooters are using this case in their .327 Fed. Magnum guns and pushing the max loads. You are on your own if you do this.
Due to different barrel lengths, type of bullet, seating depth, primer type and other factors, you may not get near the FPS charted. It is just a guide and the reason you should start under these charges and work up.

Bullet size is .314″ (lead)(some .313″) and Jacketed is usually .312″ in diameter.

(Note H110 & W296 are the same as of 2008 as is HP-38 & W231)
(IMR 4227 is same as H-4227 if made in Australia)

60 Grain Hornady Jacketed (.312″) (these light bullets will not stabilize well at high speeds and usually used in .32 auto)
Bullseyeuse 3.8 to 4.3 grains
HP38use 3.0 to 4.2 grains
Uniqueuse 4.5 to 5.0 grains
W231use 4.4 to 4.8 grains
TrueBlueuse 6.5 to 7.5 grains
Ramshot Competitionuse 3.8 to 4.5 grains
77-78 Grain LEAD FP (.314″)
Trail Boss 2.3 gr.(low velocity) (start)
Trail Boss 2.6 gr.(max)
HP-38 & W-231 2.4 gr.797 (start)
HP-38 & W-231 3.4 gr.998 (max)
Titegroup 2.0 gr.745 (start)
Titegroup 3.0 gr.993 (max)
Clays 2.5 gr.848 (max)
ZIP 3.3 gr.845 Hi=920, Lo=808, ES=111 (Lead RN bullet-.313″)
77-78 Grain LEAD FP (.314″)
Trail Boss 2.3 gr.(low velocity) (start)
Trail Boss 2.6 gr.(max)
HP-38 & W-231 2.4 gr.797 (start)
HP-38 & W-231 3.4 gr.998 (max)
Titegroup 2.0 gr.745 (start)
Titegroup 3.0 gr.993 (max)
Clays 2.5 gr.848 (max)
ZIP 3.3 gr.845 Hi=920, Lo=808, ES=111 (Lead RN bullet-.313″)
77-78 Grain Lead FP (.314”)
Trail Boss 2.3 gr.(low velocity) (start)
Trail Boss 2.6 gr.(max)
HP-38 & W-231 2.4 gr.797 (start)
HP-38 & W-231 3.4 gr.998 (max)
Titegroup 2.0 gr.745 (start)
Titegroup 3.0 gr.993 (max)
Clays 2.5 gr.848 (max)
ZIP 3.3 gr.845 Hi=920, Lo=808, ES=111 (Lead RN bullet-.313″)
83 Grain Berry’s plated HBWC (photo)
W296/H110 9.5 gr.972Hi=979, Lo=964, ES=15 (VERY good load)
W296/H110 10.3 gr.1,055Hi=1104 Lo=1028 ES=76
85 Grain Jacketed Hornady HP (.312″)
Universal4.0 gr.1,090 (start)
Universal4.3 gr.1,123 (max)
HP-38 & W-2313.2 gr.785 (start)
HP-38 & W-2313.8 gr.1,003 (max)
HS-65.2 gr.902 (start)
HS-65.6 gr.1,146 (max)
Titegroup3.0 gr.929 (start)
Titegroup3.7 gr.1,110 (max)
Lil’Gun 10.5 gr.1,163 (start)
Lil’Gun12.0 gr.1,263 (max)
W-AutoComp4.2 gr.1,037 (start)
W-AutoComp4.6 gr.1,114 (max)
Bullseye3.1 gr.986 (start)
Bullseye3.4 gr.1,020
Bullseye 3.9 gr.1,162 (MAX)
Unique3.9 gr.994 (start)
Unique4.1 gr.1,050
Unique4.7 gr.1,240 (MAX)
24008.4 gr.1,118 (max)
AA #24.0 gr.1,262 (max)
AA #55.2 gr.1,296 (max)
H42278.5 gr.989
H42279.5 gr.1,151 Max
H110 & W29611.0 gr.1,288
90 Grain LEAD SWC(.314″)
W-AutoComp3.4 gr.874 (start)
W-AutoComp3.9 gr.997 (max)
Universal3.0 gr.819 (start)
Universal3.2 gr.908 (max)
HP-38 & W-231 2.8 gr.828 (start)
HP-38 & W-2313.2 gr.919 (max)
Trail Boss2.4 gr.751 (start)
Trail Boss2.8 gr.785 (max) very nice cowboy load
Titegroup2.4 gr.819 (start)
Titegroup2.8 gr.911 (max)
Bullseye2.2 gr.808
Bullseye2.8 gr.959
24005.6 gr.968 (start)
24006.1 gr.1,108 (max)
Unique2.5 gr.808 (start)
Uniqeu3.6 gr.1,005 (max)
24006.2 gr.1,117
HS-64.6 gr.845
HS-65.0 gr.963 max
Red Dot3.3 gr.998 max
WSF3.2 gr.821
WSF3.8 gr.967 max
AA #97.5 gr.1,048 (max)
H42279.5 gr.1,042
H422710.0 gr.1,079 max
Black Hills Factiry Cowboy Load658Hi=685, Lo=614, ES=71 (for reference only)
90 Grain Jacketed HP(.312″)
Lil’Gun10.0 gr.1,156 (start)
Lil’Gun11.5 gr.1,227 (max)
W-AutoComp4.0 gr.957 (start)
4.5 gr.1,082 (max)
Universal 3.7 gr.1,008 (start)
Universal 4.0 gr.1,072 (max)
HP-38 & W-231 3.5 gr.930 (start)
HP-38 & W-231 4.0 gr.1,033 (max)
Titegroup 3.1 gr.932 (start)
Titegroup 3.6 gr.1,060 (max)
Lil’Gun 10.4 gr.1,088 (start)
Lil’Gun 11.5 gr.1,227 (max)
Bullseye 2.2 gr.805 (start)
Bullseye 3.3 gr.1,049 (max)
24008.4 gr.1,028 (max)
H4227 9.5 gr.1,042
H4227 10.0 gr.1,079 max
HS-6 5.4 gr.1,026
HS-6 6.0 gr.1,140 max
98 Grain HBWC lead (.314″)
Bullseye2.3 gr.810 (max)
Unique4.0 gr.998 (max)
98 Grain Round Nose lead (.314″)
Unique4.3 gr.833Hi=848, Lo=814, ES 34 (2″ bbl)
Unique4.3 gr.913Hi=995 Lo=862 ES=133 (4″ bbl)
100 Grain SWC or RN lead (.314″)
AA #23.6 gr.1152 (max)
AA #5 4.7 gr.1,255 (max)
AA #77.0 gr1,082
AA #99.9 gr1,185
W-29610.1 gr.1,051Personal load in 4″ bbl revolver
H110 & W29610.4 gr.1,262
H110 & W29610.9 gr.1,302 max
Bullseye3.1 gr.968
Bullseye3.4 gr.1,022 max
Unique3.6 gr.957
Unique4.0 gr.998 max
ZIP(Ramshot)2.7 gr.665Hi=684 Lo=610 ES=74
ZIP3.0 gr.744Hi=786 Lo=691 ES=44.6
ZIP3.2 gr.846Hi=876 Lo=800 ES=76
TrueBlue*6.5 gr.1,157Hi=1175 Lo=1144 ES=31 (LRN bullet)
Silhouette5.6 gr.1,031Hi=1080 Lo=993 ES=87.5 (Max)(SWC bullet)
Trail Boss1.7 gr.563Hi=580 Lo=544 ES=36 (very mild for Pink Lady shooter in 2″ bbl)
Trail Boss1.7 gr.612Hi=647 Lo=582 ES=65 (very mild Ladies Load in 5.5″ Ruger)
Trail Boss2.3 gr.679Avg fps. Personal load – nice load 4″ bbl
Trail Boss2.3 gr.682Hi=692 Lo=668 ES=24
Trail Boss3.0 gr.830Hi=841 Lo=816 ES=25 (excellent load)
* These loads shot in a .327 revolver, may be too hot for a .32 H&R

100 Grain Plated FP (.312″)
Unique4.3 gr.863Hi=877, Lo=844, ES=33
Unique4.3 gr.892Hi=910 Lo=874 ES=36 (second test)
100 Grain Hornady or Speer JHP (.312″)
W-AutoComp3.7 gr.867 (start)
W-AutoComp4.2 gr964 (max)
Universal3.3 gr.847 (start)
Universal3.7 gr.973 (max)
HP-38 & W2313.3 gr.860 (start)
HP-38 & W2313.7 gr.947 (max)
Lil’Gun10.0 gr.1,151 (start)
Lil’Gun11.0 gr.1,208 (max)
Titegroup3.1 gr.932 (start)
Titegroup3.3 gr.956 (max)
H42279.0 gr.980
H422710.0 gr.1,060 max
HS-64.8 gr.885
HS-65.4 gr.1,023 max
Bullseye3.6 gr.1,000 (MAX)
Unique4.4 gr.1,047 (Max)
24007.7 gr.1,091 (Max)
AA #23.7 gr.1,139 (max)
AA #54.9 gr.1,185 (max)
AA #76.4 gr.968
AA #99.4 gr.1,275 (max)

Master commercial JHP 1,245 fps

113 Grain Cast Performance LEAD RNFP + Gas Check (.313″)Until I get some testing done with this bullet(photo)

I suggest you use loads below for the 115 gr .

115 Grain LEAD Round Nose Flat Point, 4″ bbl revolver on Ramshot
Titegroup2.5 gr.907
H1108.6 gr.882
H1109.6 gr.1,043
H11010.8 gr.1,134 max
AA #96.7 gr.858
AA #97.7 gr.1,041 max
HP-38 & W2313.2 gr.844
HP-38 & W2313.7 gr.933 max
W2313.2 gr.838Hi=859, Lo=823, ES=36 (personal)
W2313.5 gr.912Hi=927, Lo=900, ES=28
W2313.8 gr.962Hi=966, Lo=959, ES= 6.8 (GREAT)
W231 +P*4.1 gr.1,017Hi=1034, Lo=989, ES=45 (HOT, +P load shot in a .327 revolver)
W296/H1109.5 gr.933Hi=933, Lo=906, ES=46.6 Good Load
Unique4.0 gr.880
Unique3.0 gr.792Hi=815, Lo=778, ES=37 (Near Max for standard H&R Mag)
Unique3.0 gr.791Hi=797 Lo=786 ES=10.3 (better second test)
Unique +P*4.3 gr.1,012Hi=1040, Lo=994, ES=46 (Hot shot in 4″ bbl .327 revolver)
Unique4.3 gr.1,144Hi=1179 Lo=1097 ES=82 in a 5.5″ bbl Ruger SA
Unique4.3 gr.996Hi=1033, Lo=974, ES=59 with 2″ bbl revolver
HS-64.8 gr.914
HS-64.8 gr.1,015 max
Ramshot Enforcer6.0 gr.650Hi=671, Lo=609, ES=62 (not a good load)
Ramshot Enforcer6.5 gr.736Hi=745, Lo=721, ES=25 (good)
Ramshot Enforcer7.0 gr.838Hi=859, Lo=827, ES=31 (good)
Ramshot Enforcer7.5 gr.887Hi=901, Lo=864, ES=37
Ramshot Enforcer8.0 gr.948Hi=969, Lo=936, ES=33 (fills case to base of bullet)
Ramshot Competition2.5 gr.803(light load)
Ramshot Competition3.0 gr.907Hi=931, Lo=874, ES=58
Ramshot Competition3.5 gr.980Hi=992, Lo=961, ES=37 (best)
Ramshot Competition4.0 gr.1,004Hi=1069, Lo=968, ES=101 (hot-MAX)
True Blue(Ramshot)*6.0 gr.1,116Hi=1124 Lo=1109 ES=15 (Wow, very hot-MAX)
* These loads shot in a .327 revolver, may be too hot for a .32 H&R.

Discussion: All the powders listed are fast to medium burning powders in small quantities for these lighter bullets. The JHP would be the defense bullet to use.

A bullet with a copper gas check or copper plating is best for INDOOR ranges to keep lead vapors out of the air.

Power Pistol, Bullseye, Unique and 2400 are products of Alliant (formerly Hercules) Powders.
Clays, Universal, HP38, HS6 and H4895 are products of Hodgdon Powders.
No. 2, No. 5, No. 7, No. 9, #2230, and #2460 are products of Accurate Arms Company
WAP (Winchester Action Pistol), WMR, WSF, WSL, 760, 748, 231 and 540 are products of Winchester, Components Div.
Ramshot powders are from Western Powder Company. Products used here are “Competition” (ideal for .32) and “Enforcer” (usually used for large magnum loads) Also loads of “True Blue” , “Zip”, “Silhouette”

References: – – Alliant – – Hodgdon’s web site 2009 – – Hodgdon now owns Winchester and IMR powders (2009) – – Numerous magazine articles on reloading special calibers and personal loads where noted. Ramshot on line .pdf loading guide 2010

MD Smith

MD Smith

MD Smith has had a storied career from his family broadcasting AM radio business, to his 36 year career in TV broadcasting. He is a published fiction and non-fiction writer, earned his pilots license in 1965, and is the original founder of Reload Ammo in 1996. His loads have been successfully tested and used by others for more than 25 years.

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